5 Most Disruptive IT Trends For Companies This 2020

2020 is shaping itself as a year in which emerging technologies will play an increasingly important role for businesses, users, and digital economies. Topics such as the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and cybersecurity have remained a constant in recent years when talking about a more connected future.

However, the use of each of these innovations has changed at different levels, so next year we will see how these changes are implemented. These are the 6 most disruptive technology trends for 2020:

  1. Privacy laws focused on the responsibility of employees

The role of Data Protection Officers (DPO) will be of greater importance in 2020, as they must work closely with CIOs and technology teams to ensure that companies comply with these regulations. With increasing awareness of data protection, there will be an even greater focus on managing user security. And as organizations focus their efforts on compliance, employees at all levels will have that responsibility, for which they will need training and education programs.

  1. Security for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Organizations will become increasingly security-conscious for AI, especially in three main ways: to ensure that they are not attacked; Companies will understand the value of Explainable AI (XAI) technologies, which “explain” their actions and decisions, allowing them to review as well as correct in real-time. The second is the protection of training data and Machine Learning (ML) models, for which it will be necessary to invest in homomorphic encryption. Finally, there is protection against the dangers of “concept drift,” which is when AI models built with training data become irrelevant, and the system behaves erratically.

  1. Automation will lead to hyper-automation

In 2020 we will begin to see the emergence of hyper-automation, which represents a solution in which AI and ML meet with the automation of cognitive and robotic processes. Hyper automation will help support complex, dynamic business processes such as loan processing, insurance claims, warehouse management, and more. This technology will provide the unique advantage of mimicking user actions on terminals, such as conducting transactions and generating contextually dynamic content to deliver speed, accuracy, reliability, and cost reduction.

  1. Endpoint protection as a priority

As their number and use grow, smart endpoint devices will become susceptible to external attacks. Especially mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, etc., will be a key to corporate security on a large scale, through the workers who use them on a day-to-day basis. Hence the protection techniques must be made stronger. In 2020 we will see data loss prevention (DLP), which prevents users from leaking critical information intentionally or not, and endpoint detection and response (EDR), which continuously monitors events, detects threats, and conducts research, and initiate responses; they will gain prominence.

  1. Tools to standardize data

The democratization of data and its analysis has opened its use to departments that traditionally did not use it for decision making, such as IT. Now there are new sources of data that need to be standardized, and quality checked. Moving from data to information takes much less time when data from multiple sources is structured to conform to a schema or format, also known as Data Standardization.

Invisalign: A Revolutionary Innovation

Aligners are something that is very common in both the orthodontic world and the general world. It is used by many across the globe to align or adjust the mild deformities or defects of their teeth. Aligners are quite more popular than braces and other corrective tools, but clear aligners or invisible aligners or Invisalign (as they are popularly known) are the most celebrated ones among them. Invisalign, specifically, is a brand of clear aligners, that came up with their formula to create clear aligners with maximum efficiency. Their formula, which involves a unique blend of plastic and several other elements revolutionized the field of clear aligners by providing the opportunity to completely customize the aligners.

Thousands of dentists across the world like Beverly Wilshire Dental are trained in Invisalign technology, and each of the Invisalign used is made at their facility with supreme care. The Invisalign is designed in such a way that it holds pressure on the required parts of the defective teeth and promotes a natural corrective measure.

Origin of Invisalign

Invisalign, a brand name owned by an American company called Align Technology began its sales in 1999. It became so popular that soon the procedure of clear alignment became a synonym to Invisalign. They are particular in not using brackets or wires for their Invisalign procedure.

Features of Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most chosen ones among the wide collection of clear aligners available in the market. There are several features to which Invisalign owes this popularity. The first one is the cosmetic reasons themselves. It is almost impossible to notice the aligners as they are clear and transparent. Although it gets noticeable over some time, with proper care and attention, invisibility can be retained.
These aligners can be removed easily, and it is another unique selling point of Invisalign. No medical supervision is required for you to remove or clean the Invisalign. It actually contributes to the easy cleaning of your teeth too. Normally, when you wear braces, it is quite difficult to clean your teeth. Invisalign solves that problem immediately.

The procedure to attach an Invisalign does not consume much time of the patient. It takes much less time than a braces procedure.
As the Invisalign procedure does not involve much application of force, the correction happens more naturally and gradually over some time. Many other corrective measures apply force on the teeth and cause unwanted pressure on them. Invisalign ensures a more natural correction, and though it may take a bit more time to get corrected, it will in no way harm your teeth.

As they are customized to the measurements of the patient, there is no possibility of them loosening up or falling off of the teeth or anything like that. They provide a great level of comfort to the patients. Also, as they do not have to be tightened occasionally like braces, the customer can save many visits to the dentist’s office, and this less complicated side of Invisalign is one of its major features.

It is the best option for you if you have mild dental problems like crowding, spacing issues, etc. It is reasonably priced and fits the budget of most of the patients.

The Ultimate Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Leather Bag Cleaning

Although leather bags are very popular, maintaining the leather bag often is essential to make it last longer. Preserving its attractiveness and elasticity and getting rid of any stains or blemishes will require you to learn some basics about leather bag cleaning. So, here is how to do it right every single time.

#1 Practical Rules For Leather Bag Cleaning

Discoloration of leather bags due to food, mud, grease, and daily use can make your leather bag dirty. Some general rules to keep in mind while you plan to do leather bag cleaning the right way are:

  • You can use water to clean your leather bag but you will need to dry it as quickly as possible.
  • Use leather wax to preserve as well as moisturize your leather bag.

#2 Know Your Leather

Knowing what kind of leather is your leather bag manufactured from will help you create a proper and suitable leather bag cleaning regimen. Such a regimen will not only help in cleaning your leather bag nicely but will also be easy to perform on a routine basis.

#3 Trial & Testing

Learning from others’ experiences when it comes to leather bag cleaning can make a great choice for proper cleaning. If you are new to cleaning your leather bag, you can try cleaning a small area first. If you feel confident and are doing a great job, you can step further. Or else, rely on hiring a professional cleaning service to get the job done.

#4 Tips For Leather Bag Washing

If you have been planning to wash your leather bag, then here are a few steps you can follow to do it the right way:

  • Don’t use a steeper brush for cleaning your leather bag.
  • Stay away from using harsh chemicals like spirit cleaners or baby wipes to clean your bag.
  • Cleaning faux leather bags is easy. You can use warm water with a little detergent, dip a clean cloth in the solution, spit out water, and simply clean your leather bag.

#5 Treating Leather Bag Stains 

Is it ink stains that you have been planning to clean on your leather bag, wine, oil stains, or liquid stains, treating them will require some patience and diligence on your part, or else a specialized leather bag cleaning service.

  • Ink Stains: Use a nail polish remover or alcohol to remove ink stains. You can use the corner of a tissue or a cotton swab to remove the stain. Then, you can use a clean moist cloth to wipe off any remaining residue.
  • Wine: You can use a mixture of lemon juice and cream to remove wine. You can apply this mixture to the discolored area of the leather bag. Then, let it settle for minimum 10 minutes. Now, simply brush away the paste and let the leather bag portion dry completely.
  • Oil Or Grease Stains: Sprinkling maze or baking soda over the stain will absorb any oil or fat. Clean the powder and remove any residue using a wet towel a few hours later.


Not satisfied with the results of your DIY approach? Hiring professional bag cleaning services like can help in getting rid of the toughest stains. They can help you with leather bag cleaning, leather product restoration, and also repairing your leather bag, and more.


Everything one should know about Ultherapy

Ultherapy is one of the non-invasive types of therapy that helps to solve all the aging issues. If you are unaware of what Ultherapy is all about and how helpful it is then do not worry! We are here to provide you information on the same. The post below will tell you in detail about the therapy and how painful it can be for you. Apart from this, we will also discuss how long-lasting effects Ultherapy have on individuals. SoO, to know all these, keep your eyes peeled and continue reading further till the end of the post.

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy in layman terms is an alternative to the facelift that is nonsurgical. It is in general used for counteracting the signs of wrinkles, skin sagging on the chest, neck, and face as well. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment and FDA cleared which lifts the chin, brow, neck and also improves the lines as well as the wrinkles on the upper chest.

As people get aged, wrinkles and lines on the face are very common. The one-time solution for wrinkled face or loose skin is Ultherapy. You can get Ultherapy for yourself to treat your tissues at NatashaBeverly and get the best results without surgeries.

Now that you have a basic outline of what Ultherapy is all about and how it helps to make your skin better and tightened, we would suggest you move on to the next that will provide you more details on the process of Ultherapy.

So, continue reading further to get all the information that you should be aware of before giving a try to the process mentioned above.

Is it painful?

Ultrasound technology helps physicians for treating the deepest layers without disrupting or cutting the surface. The amount of pain in this process would depend entirely on the capacity of an individual to tolerate the discomfort. Some people might find it a bit painful such that they feel some burning sensation deep inside the layers of the face, neck, and other parts.

While many others might not find the therapy to be painful they rather find the treatment more relaxing and soothing in a nutshell the therapy could be a bit painful but that entirely depends upon the tolerant capacity of the individual. The Ultherapy will not require any kind of invasive incisions and is the ideal option to get a facelift.

Now that you know how painful the treatment might be for you, let us proceed to the next section to know how long-lasting effects does Ultherapy has on the individual.

Does it have lasting effects?

Ultherapy, however, is one of the best therapies to get your skin tightened without involving any kind of surgery. As far as the durability of its effects is considered Ultherapy has a long-lasting effect. The only main point that you should be aware of is that the treatment takes time to show its results.

The quality of the skin and texture improved significantly after the treatment. It becomes more lifted and tighter. But, this whole process takes around 3 months or more. You need to have patience if you are planning to get Ultherapy for yourself.

Ultherapy is quite a popular means to get your face tightened up without surgeries. Ultherapy provides long-lasting effects and the patients now feel more confident while looking at the mirror after getting this treatment done. Ultherapy has its effect not just on the overall look of the person but also on his psyche and well-being.

It is thus, we recommend you to get Ultherapy for yourself but do not forget to consult your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist before that. It is very important to consult them as different treatments have different effects on different individuals each individual has their skin type, so be careful.

Ultherapy is one of the most widely used therapies that help to improve your skin quality and solve your aging issues. So, if you are aged having wrinkles and lines on your face then Ultherapy is your solution. We would like to remind you again that always consult your dermatologist or the cosmetic surgeon before getting Ultherapy treatment as different types of skin might have different reactions.


5 Accounting Tips for First-time Business Owners

Congratulations on the set up of your first company, or at least being almost there to having a business registered under your name. It must have not been an easy task to summon the courage, not to mention the funds as well, to take the step towards entrepreneurship. To help you sail through your journey, we share our expertise to compile 5 accounting steps for setting up a new business in Malaysia:

1. Open a business bank account
This is the first step that you would need to do, as you would need an account to receive payment from your customers, and to pay your suppliers or vendors. Never use your personal account for business purposes; there should be boundaries between personal and business finances even if you may think that it is okay if you are the sole company owner. If you have one or more partners, also consider opening a payroll, investment and general operation accounts which will help you to segregate your finances better.

2. Register with LHDN
You will need to register your company with Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN)/Inland Revenue Board (IRB) for tax filing. Fortunately, the registration can now be done online. The tax returns and deadline for submission depends on your company’s ownership, whether the business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, private limited (Sdn Bhd) or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

3. Check for SST qualification
The Sales & Service Tax (SST) was introduced on 1st September 2018 to replace the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Sales taxes are charged at 10% while service tax is at 6%. However, there are products that are exempted from sales tax, such as basic food, pharmaceutical products and steel products. There are also items that are taxed a lower rate of 5%, such as prepared fruits, vegetables and meat, mobile devices and printers. If your company manufactures taxable goods with an annual sales value exceeding RM500,000 or provides taxable services exceeding RM500,000, you will have to register your company for SST. There are exceptions that apply, so check at your local customs office for further details.

4. Subscribe to an accounting software like SQL
You may do your accounts in MS Excel for a start, but you will soon find it overwhelming especially when it comes to computing your company’s taxes. We suggest starting with an accounting software right away, so that you wouldn’t have to spend time later transferring data from Excel into your new accounting software later on. Factors to consider when scouting for an accounting software include the integration with other existing software, user-friendliness, report features and real-time availability.

5. Plan your bookkeeping
You have some time for this until the business has acquired more cash flow. With data from your accounting software, prepare the three most important financial statements that will form the backbone of your bookkeeping – profit & loss statement (P&L), balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Many SMEs engage the help of accountants for this task, so you don’t have to overwhelm yourself in producing these financial statements which can be difficult for someone without an accounting background.
We hope that by laying out these tips, we are able to give you a kick-start in your business.

How To Choose The Best Accounting Software In Malaysia For Business?

When choosing accounting software for your business, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to find the right software. There are many Accounting Softwares in Malaysia on the market that will be able to run your business, but you are not sure if it is the right software for your business or not. You will find the software that will manage the accounting for you, but you do not want the dry accounting software to work as a calculator and dairy.

Online or offline

There are two types of software. Online software is always better than offline software because online software provides more services than offline software. It helps store your data without any risk of data loss as it stores your data in the Cloud. Therefore, in the event of any untoward incident or accident, you always have a data backup.


Appropriate software is one that business owners need most. Appropriate accounting software for your business will help you operate more easily, and it is easy for your employees to learn, so it will make the job easier and does not have to take long to start using this software.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the key to business improvement, so when this software can help customers, it will always be remembered. Software that helps serve your customers is better by tracking the purchase of customers and high-value customers and others, as conditions that must be possessed. Customer satisfaction can increase more customers & the number of loyal customers.


To have a smooth flow in work and harmony among the software, look for software that provides integration easily.

Access and security

Easy access allows you to work wherever you want, and good security controls are a must because you store business data and keep your account for the entire business in this software.

Make sure the software you choose allows you to access through some gadgets such as iPad, Tab, Mobile Phone, Laptop, so that you can get the latest information on your business and work anytime, even when you are not in the office. Get software that gives you high security and has access to restrictions menu so you can limit certain areas in your software from employees for security.

Best Accounting Software in Malaysia Features

It is a user-friendly software that automates your business and ensures tax accounts, inventory, sales, purchases, and more easily. It helps in streamlining your expenses and reducing expenses in the business.

Reach is accessible anywhere and provides high bank security for your data. It also increases customer satisfaction and leads to the improvement of your business.

The main features are:

  • Business management
  • Tax management
  • Income management
  • Expenditure management


In the service of the nation
The National Information Technology Council of Malaysia (NITC Malaysia) is the country’s premier organisation that strategically manages IT in the interest of the nation. The Council functions as the primary advisor and consultant to the Government on matters pertaining to IT in Malaysia’s national development.
The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia chairs the Council. The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is the Deputy Chairman and the CEO and President of MIMOS Berhad serves as the Secretary. The Council Secretariat resides in MIMOS Berhad.

MIMOS Building in Technology Park Malaysia

Mechanics and composition
The Council officially convenes twice a year. Council Membership lasts three years and is by appointment of the Honourable Prime Minister. Council Members represent three different sectors i.e public, private and community interest group. The Council forges smart partnerships or strategic alliances to carry out its mandate.
The vision of NITC MALAYSIA is one that is in line with the aspirations of Vision 2020:


Apple iPhone 3G is no doubt a revolutionary and remarkable phone that has many uses, tricks and gimmicks. However, like any other computer operated devices, iPhone 3G also has its own share of flaws no matter how advanced and prestigious it has become.

And because iPhone stands mighty over other mobile phones, users all over the world are looking at it and panic at once in disappointment when flaws come visible to them. Some of the most notable complaints about iPhone 3G that does not necessarily need iPhone repair singapore are the following:
It doesn’t sync notes except when web-based application is used which slows down the iPhone. Additionally, notes are sometimes deleted completely once you hit backspace.
Difficult to select text even with an installed application that enables cut, copy and paste.
It doesn’t ring while in sleep mode.
No changeable battery.
Yanking contacts to call can extremely slow down the iPhone.
However, surprisingly despite the above mentioned flaws, a lot of people still go for iPhone 3G because of its games, cool applications, secure internet surfing and of course prestige.


Many people of today’s generation opt to go to a non-traditional online education while advancing their formal education. This is because a lot of people are still willing to advance learning and are still eager to take classes but not in the scheduled class hours.
In online children education, it is important that you will get good instructor, curriculum and technology. There are some downsides of online education because the learning environment isn’t that appropriate. You have to be self-disciplined, well organized and time conscious to be able to keep pace with the entire course. Therefore, it is not suitable for young students especially those who are having difficulty in adopting responsibilities necessary in online education.
However, while there are some drawbacks there are also some benefits. Study shows that the retention level of students with online learning is 250% better than those in classroom courses. Further studies reveal that around 33% of students believe that online education is as good as and sometimes even better than the conventional face to face education because it is flexible, convenient and cheaper. It is important for early education for children brain development.
See news UNICEF‘s plan for education program:


Many say that furniture is the soul of an office. So, if you are planning to buy new office furniture then you are going to do a task, which is very important and can maintain an elegant working atmosphere at your office. Here are a few helpful suggestions for buying office furniture like office chair, office table, conference table and so on:
Selecting a reliable dealer:
First, you should find out a reliable dealer or broker who has a great reputation in the market and whose services are trustworthy. You can find such dealers and vendors by going online and searching for office furniture companies. Once you have found a great deal of companies to check out, you should check their customer feedbacks and choose the company, which has the best reviews and the most elegant furniture to offer.
Selecting the type of furniture:
Determining the types of furniture is very important before you step in the market with the intention of buying. So, you should decide the purpose you want the furniture to serve in your office. Do you need general office furniture for individual cabins or the general workplace or do you need classy, top-class furniture for conference rooms. Moreover, you should see if the furniture you need would bear the load of files, computers or photocopiers or can it be lightweight with only customers using it in the waiting area. Your need should define the type of furniture you should buy and the material it is made up of. Plywood, simple wood and steel are the materials that are used frequently for making office furniture.
Knowing the proper dimensions of your office is important as well before going to buy the furniture. You need to ensure that the furniture you buy will be able to accommodate all the employees who will be using it and will also fit the space of the room where it will be fitted.
Deciding a budget before going out to buy the furniture can help you in knowing your limitations. People who are running small businesses or are starting a new office only have a small budget to work with. Thus, if you are one of them and have a small budget then going for recycled or used office furniture won’t be a bad idea. However, if you belong to the category of people who need elegant furniture that can be used by the executives in your office then setting a higher budget for buying the furniture won’t be a bad choice, as customers usually get impressed by the furniture used by the company when asking for their services.