NITC Malaysia

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In the service of the nation
The National Information Technology Council of Malaysia (NITC Malaysia) is the country’s premier organisation that strategically manages IT in the interest of the nation. The Council functions as the primary advisor and consultant to the Government on matters pertaining to IT in Malaysia’s national development.

The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia chairs the Council. The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is the Deputy Chairman and the CEO and President of MIMOS Berhad serves as the Secretary. The Council Secretariat resides in MIMOS Berhad.

MIMOS Building in Technology Park Malaysia

Mechanics and composition

The Council officially convenes twice a year. Council Membership lasts three years and is by appointment of the Honourable Prime Minister. Council Members represent three different sectors i.e public, private and community interest group. The Council forges smart partnerships or strategic alliances to carry out its mandate.

The vision of NITC MALAYSIA is one that is in line with the aspirations of Vision 2020:

Nuts as a Source of Plant Based Protein

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Protein is vital for body growth and maintenance. Athletes and body builders need protein for muscle growth and tissue restoration. Protein can come from plants or animals. Eating protein in excess may bring negative effects to your body, quite unlike how we normally perceive. More of us have a diet made up of more meat than greens. Look at how a typical steak is served – potatoes, grilled vegetables and fries as side dishes.

Although eating meat does provide us animal based protein we need, eating too much meat may leach calcium from our bones. Meat is highly acidic. Besides, most animal meat we consumed now comes from animals fed with antibiotics and artificial hormones. Can you imagine swallowing these toxics? This does not mean you have to eliminate meat from your diet. Eat meat in moderation.

Another source of protein comes from plants.  Nuts are a rich source of protein. Apart from protein, nuts are packed with vitamins, fibre and essential fats that are good for your heart. Due to their abundant nutrient, most nuts are considered as super foods.

Does your diet contain very few to no nuts? Incorporating nuts into your diet can seem effortless. Roasted nuts are easily available in packages at grocery shops, supermarkets and bakery goods supply. Roasted nuts are a healthier snack compared to chips. If you can, go for unsalted nuts. You can also buy raw nuts in bulk and roast them whenever you need to eat them. Light flavour a handful of nuts with some salt and pack them as your to-go snack.

Other than eating pure nuts, you can enjoy nuts in the following ways. Use peanut butter in your morning meals. Instead of simply buying one off the shelves, go for low sugar – better yet, sugar and sweeteners free – peanut butter. Your best bet is to use organic peanut butter which is made of real nuts, contains fewer preservatives and is not sweetened at all. Add some sliced bananas to top the peanut butter. You can also eat them with oats in milk and honey as breakfast.

If you are a fond baker, replace flour with almond meal. Almond meal is ground whole almonds that is essential for making almond macarons, frangipane and Sachertorte. Ground walnut or hazelnut can also be added into cakes for extra tang. Of course, you can coarsely chop up roasted or stir-fried nuts and mix them into cookie or cake batter prior to baking. Nuts also provide a fragrant topping. Sprinkle them over your cake.

Now that you know the benefits of nuts as a plant based protein source, recommend them to your friends. People are now more health-conscious and taking preventive measures from getting chronic diseases, nuts have become widely popular among chefs, bakers and other businesses. Buy them in bulk from, they provide lentils, cashew nuts, almonds, walnuts and more. You can order online by adding them into your cart and checking out. It’s that simple.

Baking with Different Types of Sugar

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More often than not, we come across popular recipes that call for white granulated sugar, icing sugar, or superfine sugar. And we just use what was available, substituting any other strange alternatives – molasses, brown sugar, honey – with whatever that is already sitting on your kitchen cabinet. However, different sugars impart different textures and flavours in your pastries, influencing the result of baking.

White sugar is refined cane sugar. It is the most common table sugar that you stir into your coffee and make flans with. The problem with white sugar is that it has all its minerals stripped off, providing consumers zero calories, about 16 calories per teaspoon. It has a moderate glycemic index, which resolves the myth that it is of high glycemic index. White sugar, when used in baking, does not merely sweeten the food. It provides even browning and lighter texture. Granulated sugar is fine, therefore easy to mix with other ingredients, e.g. creaming butter. Making meringues would be effortless with white sugar as it dissolves effectively. White sugar does not clump together, making it suitable for sprinkling on desserts.

Brown sugar can come in light brown and dark brown sugar. Brown sugar is said to be white sugar with molasses added back in, and its colour depends on its molasses content. Brown sugar has higher moisture content. This explains why brown sugar tends to clump together. You can keep a piece of bread in a container kept with brown sugar to prevent clumps. Brown sugar imparts a heavier flavour than white sugar. When packed, it contains 17 calories per teaspoon. For example, making brownies using brown sugar would result in a more caramelised taste. If you like your cookies with more caramel flavour, replace white sugar with brown sugar.

Muscovado, also known as dark brown sugar, is actually unrefined brown sugar, and was named poor man’s sugar. Since it is essentially sugarcane juice boiled and left to dry out, it retains most of its nutrition. It is stickier than brown sugar due to even higher moisture content, so you should take out some of the liquids used in the recipe. Muscovado can be used to substitute both white sugar and brown sugar in baking and making beverages, with 11 calories per teaspoon. It has a stronger flavour than brown sugar.

Sugar substitutes such as honey, maple syrup, molasses and corn syrup can be used to replace sugar in various recipes. Experiment on your own to compare the effects of different sugar alternatives with sugar. Planning to open up your own bakery? Consider as your bakery solutions provider.

Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2014

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Year 2014 has been declared as the Visit Malaysia Year. With hotels and tourist spots going on full force to welcome visitors from all over the world, this year is the best timing for you to explore Malaysia – the mysterious Southeast Asian country consisting of a peninsula and East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. These two regions are separated by South China Sea, at which a few beautiful islands stand.

Malaysia is summery all year long, with two monsoon seasons namely the Southwest Monsoon and the Northeast Monsoon. It is advised not to visit beaches and islands during monsoons. Refer to the list following for some of the hottest places for vacation ventures.

Perhentian Islands are located in the state of Terengganu. They can be accessed by water via Kuala Besut or Tok Bali. Compared to their peers along the same coast, Perhentian Islands are less congested with commercial activities. The surroundings are well preserved, featuring clear waters and clean beaches.

Activities to do: surfing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, canoeing, trekking and camping.

Taman Negara belongs to the Pahang territory although it essentially encompasses all three states on the East Coast. It is the habitat of a few of rare animals and you will be able to observe animals such as tapir, tiger, macaque, rhinoceros, and peacock-pheasant. The highest peak in the peninsula, Gunung Tahan, is also located within the national park.

Activities to do: canopy walking, bird watching, camping, trekking, cave exploring, fishing, mountain climbing.

Kuala Lumpur is the place to go for satisfying all your shopping pleasures. Visit its famous retail malls consisting of branded and high street vendors, cheap buys and local cuisine. For more local food and products, you can visit the Petaling Street at night. The city is rich in cultural buildings. Join a sightseeing tour to view them! Observe this enchanting city from the observation deck at KL Tower, the 7th highest communication tower of the world.

Activities to do: sightseeing, shopping, food hunting, bird watching, cave exploring, museum visiting.

Georgetown is another not-to-be-missed site. Located in Penang, it is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visit Georgetown for its beautiful religious buildings, museums, beaches, and some of the best cuisine in Malaysia. Tour along Batu Ferringhi, watch butterflies at Penang Butterfly Farm, or have a splendid bird’s-eye view of Penang while sipping on a warm cuppa from the top of Penang Hill.

Activites to do: food hunting, sightseeing, fishing, trekking, shopping.

Craving for more places to visit in Malaysia? Contact now for value-for-money packages to tour around the peninsula!

Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

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They say the best cosmetic is a smile on your face, but makeup helps your beauty to further shine as it diverts attention away from the flaws on your face. Have you mastered the art of applying lipstick, but want to learn more about makeup to help you through your makeup regime in the morning? Below we pen down some amazing makeup tips and tricks.

After applying foundation all over your face, use a tissue to wipe some off your cheeks before using a blush for a more natural look, instead of having a cakey-looking foundation on your face. Looking for Korean brand foundations? Http:// stocks a variety of makeup foundations and BB creams.

Pick eye shadow colours that contrast your eyes the best, in a good way. If you have brown eyes, they go well with blues, greens and jewel tones. Blue eyed beauties should consider golds and browns, while green eyes go hand in hand with pink and brown eye shadows. For a neutral look, you can use taupe tone eye shadow. It brings out every eye colour gorgeously.

You can also use eye shadow to replace as eyeliner. Apply dark tones with a small rounded brush or an angled brush just under your lashes. To create liquid eyeliner look, dip the brush tip in water before using.

Your face makeup needs a foundation to hold. The same goes to your eyes and lips. Use a primer before applying any makeup to your eyes and lips. Primers help your makeup to set for hours, without a smudge if your makeup is of good quality.

For your lashes, always use mascara that is not flaky. If your mascara has been sitting on your table for months, ditch it and get a new one. Apply mascara to your lashes by wiggling it at the base of your eyelash, before sweeping it out toward the end. You want a thick base with thin ends to make sure your eyelash stays high.


Never skip the cleaning routine for your brushes that should occur at least once a month. Unclean brushes trap dirt and oils, ruining your makeup, and in time bristles will break down. Remove excess colours by wiping brushes on a paper towel. Prepare a bowl of warm water, dip just the bristles into the water. Pump a few drops of mild shampoo into your palm, and then gently swirl the bristles into the shampoo. Clean bristles under running water. Squeeze out excess water and dry brush by hanging it. Cleaning your brushes will significantly lengthen their shelf life.

Eye Skin Care 101

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Compared to other facial areas, the skin surrounding our eyes is especially fragile and susceptible to more aging signs. They start to develop lines, bags and dark circles as we grow. When we are weary, our eyes show the first sign. If your eyes aren’t as energetic as they need to be, perhaps you have some serious eye care regime to patch up.

Get enough sleep. It is recommended to have at least 6 hours sleep a day to rest your body. Our eyes especially worked a lot throughout the day and there is no other to rest them except to have a nice shut-eye. So, instead of relieving yourself with endless comedy series that will only burden your eyes, manage your time well to get the rest your eyes deserved.

Use skin care products. We often neglect proper eye skin care when we can spend hundreds on facial skin care. Since our eye skin is thinner, these skin care products are designed especially for the eyes to give our eyes the necessary nourishment. Keep your eye skin moisturized and nourish them with vitamins. Some products are sensitive to light so they have to be applied and left on while you sleep.

Sun protection for your eyes is equally important as it is for your face. Prevent your eyes from aging due to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Some of the aging effects caused by UV rays are lines, wrinkles, freckles and even skin cancers. Put on eye sunscreen to keep yourself prepared for all occasions at any location.

Don’t squint your eyes. We squint because as we move from a lighter to a darker place and vice versa, our eyes need time to adjust to the lighting. Wear sunglasses to prevent squinting under strong sunlight. Move toward or away from the object you are focusing on to avoid from squinting when there’s a problem focusing. If your vision has gotten blurry, do a thorough check up with an ophthalmologist or optician.

Camouflage your dark circles with a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. Different shades of concealers also provide varying masking effects.

To fight puffy eyes, use your eye gel that has been stored in the fridge. Or, use anything cold to reduce the swollenness. Try cold cucumbers, spoon, ice cubes. These methods will also wake you up on drowsy mornings.

Take care of your brows. Trim your eyebrows regularly, following the outline already provided by your beautician. Use eyebrow pencils that are a shade lighter than your hair colour. For a fuller brow, fill your brows with a pencil, then brush with powder.

MyBeauty88 offer a range of skin care and makeup products from famous Korean and US brands that will help to enhance your eyes. Sign up for a membership at to enjoy plenty privileges.

How to Configure a Router

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A router forwards data packets along networks. It is needed at gateways where there are two or more networks connect, for example when connecting a computer to an Internet service provider (ISP). Most homes with Internet services utilise routers so that the connection can be shared among more than one computer. We can set up WLAN or LAN connections without the need to pay for each computer to their ISP. An ISP usually allows the use of a router for users to connect it with several computers.

A typical router has a reset button, 1 WAN or Internet port, 4 LAN or Ethernet ports, and a power button. For wireless connection you need only 1 cable, but for wired connection more cables are needed, depending on the number of computers.

To start using a router, first, you want to configure its settings. Simply plug your router to a power source to switch it on. Wait until the router has fully started. Using a cable, connect your computer’s LAN port to one of the 4 Ethernet ports in the router. Switch off the wireless detection on your computer. You can do this by either pressing a hot key on your keyboard or through network settings in the control panel. You may need to wait for a few minutes before it can detect the router. Once the connection has been detected, the status will appear as no Internet access, which is fine.

Once the router has been connected, open your Internet browser for configuration. Key in the IP address provided along with the router. The IP address is commonly or The settings are usually set to be used by multiple computers by default.

What you need to take note of is whether you want your connection to be secured with the invisible mode. This means that the SSID will not be broadcasted. To allow a wireless connection, a user needs to manually key in network’s SSID and/or password under network settings. So if you don’t want your SSID to be broadcasted, simply check the criterion and save.

When done, go to wireless settings. Manually configure your wireless security. Here you can set the SSID for your router and its passphrase. To insert a passphrase, first opt for WPA2-PSK security which is usually for home Internet. The passphrase often requires at least 8 letters comprised of digits and alphabets. Once you’re done, save the settings.

Disconnect the cable from your computer and enable wireless detection. Connect your router to your Internet. This time, plug cable into the Internet port in router. Look for your SSID or key in the SSID on your computer and connect. If you need a wired connection, simply re-plug the cable to your computer’s LAN port and the router’s Ethernet port.

Choose a fibre Internet package from one of the three major ISP’s in Malaysia from which is an authorised dealer for Maxis, UniFi and P1. They also provide immediate consultation services. Contact their online support for further details.

The Advantages of Automated Gates

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With the crime rate sky rocketing today, people demand for reliable home security systems to protect their homes. No matter where you live in – city or suburb, we risk losing our possessions and lives even if we stay at home all day! Burglaries have become increasingly common that we lost our interest when reading related news. It only starts to matter when home theft happens to us.

Automated security gate is one of the highly sought after residential gates. Having an automated driveway gate installed at home doesn’t simply mean you don’t have to get in and out of the car just to shut the gate. It also helps securing your home from undesirable circumstances.

Some of the advantages of installing an automated gate system are:

  • Security

An automated gate system allows only the key holders to unlock the gate. This leads to a decreased risk of home invasion. The gate is the very first layer of security of a home. Will you be able to feel secure if an unwelcomed stranger can get through your gate without extra effort?

To add security levels to your commercial property, you can integrate an alarm system with surveillance cameras, use intercom to communicate with people who wish to enter your property, install proximity cards system and so on.

  • Safety

Aside from security reasons, your children and pets can be kept away from the streets, avoiding unwanted accidents with an automated gate system. Place the switch where kids cannot reach so that no one neither enter nor exit the house compound without an adult’s permission.

Besides, installing an automatic driveway gate will also offer protection against intrusions from uninvited visitors who might bring damage to your property.

  • Convenience

With an automated driveway gate installed, those who are in possession of the keys can easily access the property without the need to physically unlock and open the gate. Gates can be opened and closed in a few seconds with just a click.

  • Adds property value

Whether it’s your house or your office, having an automated gate installed for your property definitely increases its value when you plan to resell it. A good security system is always the best property investment that not only benefits you, but also the new owner.

  • Increased appeal

Now, automated gates come in various pleasant designs. Since automated gate system is a contemporary technology, so most designs are rather modern, too. Automated gates can surely add aesthetic value to your beautiful home. You can get the gate painted to match the fence, too.

If you are thinking of strengthening the security system for your property, you can find out more about automated driveway security gate systems at EES Steel Concept provides plenty steel products including doors, gates, grilles, skylights and railings that are sure to keep your house a beautiful, safe and secure place to stay.

Simple Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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So you’ve got the butter cupcakes ready to serve, but they look so yellow, buttery … and plain! Set beside the glossy pictures on your brand new recipe book, they look like Britney Spears before and after makeup. Here’s a good tip for you, a simple decoration can transform your cupcakes enormously, looking as if they were bought from the shelves of a local bakery store! Decorating your cakes can cover some of the flaws – it’s OK, we won’t tell anyone.

To make dainty cupcakes, it’s easy, you don’t have to be a professional baker or cook. There are a lot of decoration recipes that can be done with ingredients that are usually available in the kitchen and at the supermarket. Learn some of the foolproof techniques for cupcake decoration here.


Frosting, also called icing, is a sweet decorating cream made of butter and icing sugar. To make a good batch of frosting, make sure your butter or margarine is of high quality. Beat 200g softened butter or margarine, 150g icing sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence using a mixer on medium speed until light and fluffy. Pipe or spread over cupcakes. Add colouring to the cream to jazz it up. You can get crafty with different piping tips, making pretty swirls or florets. Make extras for practice.

Whipped cream

Top whipped cream on cupcakes as it is. You can also sprinkle over the cupcakes with 100’s and 1000’s, cake crumbs, chocolate chips or sliced fruits for a more flavourful decoration. Unlike icing, whipped cream contains less sugar as it has a high fat content which enables it to firm up with just a few minutes using a mixer. You can mix in some flavouring or colouring as desired before whipping. To make whipped cream, use chilled whipping cream or heavy whipping cream. Use a mixer, whip cream in a large bowl at medium speed. Add sugar, about 2 tablespoons, continue whipping until soft peaks form. To decorate, your whisk should be able to hold the cream when lifted. Then, pipe cream over cupcakes.


Short of time and ingredients? You can also decorate your cupcakes simply with fruits and berries to complement the flavour. Since there isn’t cream or frosting to hold the fruits in place, make a small cut out of top of each cupcake using the tip of a serrated knife. Use fruits or berries, for example, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and oranges, to cover up the hole. If they are too large for the cut out, slice them. For sweet cupcakes, it is recommended to use sour fruits to balance off the flavour.

If you are interested to learn more techniques for baking and cake decorating, equip yourself with skills taught at Sugarcraft Baking and Culinary Academy. The academy provides classes that cater to different needs for baking at affordable prices. You can learn more about their offers at

Shopping Online Safely

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“Where did you get that dress? It looks fabulous on you!” “Oh did you know about this new online boutique? I just got it from there.” We’ve had so many similar conversations, didn’t we? Now, many celebrities and artists have started wearing clothes and accessories bought online. Just check the numerous tags on Instagram and Facebook, famous people are posting their #ootd #potd #latergram, rocking that studded denim shirt with those new pair of shorts and sky-high platform shoes from various online boutiques.


Why do people buy online? The reasons are really clear:

  • Online boutiques are a huge pool of pretty clothing sources. Spotted that new skirt your favourite beauty blogger is wearing recently? Chances are similar products will be available online soon.
  • Operating fees of an online shop is cheaper so shirts are sold at more affordable prices.
  • Convenient! You don’t even have to move an inch away from your laptop, just click.
  • Buying online is so easy, there are many online platforms to assist boutiques on advertising their products so that buyers can view the new arrivals of all associated boutiques without having to go search one by one.

However, new buyers usually contemplate for quite some time before they decide to buy online. By that time, your desired item might be sold out. Do you need some help regarding online shopping? Here are some tips for online shopping:

1.      Is the credit card transfer reliable?

Online shops usually use third-party payment services like Paypal, Visa and MasterCard. Payment data using credit cards have to be encrypted, this is to make sure your card number is never stored anywhere after you click ‘confirm’.

2.      Look for customer reviews

Satisfied customers usually encourage friends they know to buy from an online boutique, so look out for friends’ recommendations. However, angry customers leave negative reviews online. If there are several negative reviews for cases related to delayed deliveries, seller missing in action, lost refunds … There could have been even more cases left unpublished.

3.      Is the shop licenced?

Many sellers don’t apply for a permit for selling online. Make sure the shop has a licence so that you know you are buying from a legit seller. Also, be cautious of the company policy. Know the conditions for a refund. What if the item was torn during the delivery? Make sure all information you need to know is visible on the website.

4.      Do it privately

Do your online purchases on your own computer, away from prying eyes, and make sure it is free of spywares that can obtain your personal details and financial data. Avoid from shopping online on public computers at all costs, because even doing so in incognito mode can’t assure you of a safe transfer.

Milktee is a leading Malaysian online boutique that promises to deliver quality service via safe cash and credit transfer. Shopping can be done at ease on their site with all the concerns above addressed.

Business Registration – What You Should Know

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It is a known fact that most people who are in business make more money than those who are employed. It is not surprising to find young people leaving their jobs to start their own businesses using the money they have saved. However, many of them are not aware of the procedures that are needed when starting up a business. Different countries have different laws when it comes to business or company registration. What is discussed below is a general outline that is followed by many countries when people decide to register a business, company or an organization.

When you want to start a business, you must first know what type of business it is i.e. whether it is sole-proprietorship, a partnership or a company. These are details that should be known beforehand. Each of the categories of the businesses has certain requirements to be fulfilled. For example, a company needs 2 or more directors. Thus, it is important for any individual to know the purpose of the business they want to start.

The next thing you will want to think about is the name that will be given to the business. This is usually one of the tricky parts. When you go to your national local business registration office or SSM, one of the things that they will do is a name search. You have to think of a very unique name. This is because each time there is a name search done, a payment has to be given. Thus, to use less money while searching for a name, think of a very unique but relevant name for your business.

Once the name search has been done, the rest is pretty much simple. However, in cases where the business is an NGO or a company, you may have to consult with a lawyer in making the memorandum of understanding.

It is important to research as wide as possible before registering a business. You can consult a professional company like NBC if you wish to register company in malaysia.