Author: Carina Casas


Protein is vital for body growth and maintenance. Athletes and body builders need protein for muscle growth and tissue restoration. Protein can come from plants or animals. Eating protein in excess may bring negative effects to your body, quite unlike how we normally perceive. More of us have a diet made up of more meat than greens. Look at how a typical steak is served – potatoes, grilled vegetables and fries as side dishes.
Although eating meat does provide us animal based protein we need, eating too much meat may leach calcium from our bones. Meat is highly acidic. Besides, most animal meat we consumed now comes from animals fed with antibiotics and artificial hormones. Can you imagine swallowing these toxics? This does not mean you have to eliminate meat from your diet. Eat meat in moderation.
Another source of protein comes from plants. Nuts are a rich source of protein. Apart from protein, nuts are packed with vitamins, fibre and essential fats that are good for your heart. Due to their abundant nutrient, most nuts are considered as super foods.
Does your diet contain very few to no nuts? Incorporating nuts into your diet can seem effortless. Roasted nuts are easily available in packages at grocery shops, supermarkets and bakery goods supply. Roasted nuts are a healthier snack compared to chips. If you can, go for unsalted nuts. You can also buy raw nuts in bulk and roast them whenever you need to eat them. Light flavour a handful of nuts with some salt and pack them as your to-go snack.

Other than eating pure nuts, you can enjoy nuts in the following ways. Use peanut butter in your morning meals. Instead of simply buying one off the shelves, go for low sugar – better yet, sugar and sweeteners free – peanut butter. Your best bet is to use organic peanut butter which is made of real nuts, contains fewer preservatives and is not sweetened at all. Add some sliced bananas to top the peanut butter. You can also eat them with oats in milk and honey as breakfast.
If you are a fond baker, replace flour with almond meal. Almond meal is ground whole almonds that is essential for making almond macarons, frangipane and Sachertorte. Ground walnut or hazelnut can also be added into cakes for extra tang. Of course, you can coarsely chop up roasted or stir-fried nuts and mix them into cookie or cake batter prior to baking. Nuts also provide a fragrant topping. Sprinkle them over your cake.
Now that you know the benefits of nuts as a plant based protein source, recommend them to your friends. People are now more health-conscious and taking preventive measures from getting chronic diseases, nuts have become widely popular among chefs, bakers and other businesses.


TM recently came up with an advert that caught my eye. It featured a man in a shirt and tie, juggling a host of business solutions, entertainment packs and Internet connections in his hands. It appears that TM is reinforcing its position in business fibre by offering not just Internet for businesses but a series of solutions as well. They even seem to have a new slogan: Business Made Easier.
Let’s take a look at its Internet plans first. Whether you are a start-up or a more established SME, TM has a fixed Internet plan that would suit your business needs:
Unifi Biz Advance Plan 30Mbps and 50Mbps or
Priced at RM279 per month and RM329 per month for the 30Mbps and 50Mbps respectively, Unifi Biz Advance Plan is what you need to ensure that the connection at your office or shop is consistent, fast and always connected. You are already frustrated when the Internet at home is slow or disconnects, so imagine how difficult, and not to mention costly to your business, it would be if your Internet were to go down at your office.
Unifi Biz Pro Plan
For a company that needs super fast Internet, Unifi Biz Pro Plan is the solution. The plan offers speeds of 100Mbps for RM379 a month. The speed isn’t symmetrical; download speed is 100Mbps while upload speed is 50Mbps but those are really good enough.
With all 3 plans, you’ll get 500MB a day of TM Wifi, cordless phone and wireless modem. You also have the option to add on:
Voice IDD – RM30/month
Security & Surveillance – RM99/month
SurePay – RM18/month
SurePay POS – RM18/month
HyppTV for Business – RM90/month
Simple Voice Plus – RM30/month
You may be wondering by this point, why do I need business Internet plans for my company? Why don’t I just sign up for a home fibre plan? First and foremost, TM (or any other service provider) will not allow you to register for a home Internet plan for a business address. Set that aside, TM’s Unifi Biz plans come with a promise of a restoration time not exceeding 12 hours. This is something that home fibre plans do not offer. This assures you that there will be lesser interruptions to your business should the Internet go down. Downtimes are really a no-no for any business.
It is advisable to select a service provider that offers beyond just Internet, which is TM in this case. Why? So that you don’t have to go searching for providers should you need to subscribe to business solutions in the future. Going to a one-stop provider like TM is recommended as they can provide you with business Internet and voice solutions, even security, entertainment and payment solutions, all at one place.


Symptomized by swollen joints, decreased movement and stiffness osteoarthritis is one of the most common knee disorders seen in the US. It is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage between the bones. Though it can occur in all joints it is most evident in the knees which are subject to maximum wear and tear with age. It is more evident in women in the menopause age when the estrogen levels in the body go down; estrogen is known to protect the cartilage – connective tissue found in the joints. Men, on the other hand, are less predisposed to osteoarthritis.
How is osteoarthritis treated
It is often treated with painkillers and prescription drugs. Doctors suggest physical therapy and the use of supportive devices like crutches in severe cases. Several studies are being carried out to find out how certain joint supplements can help in improving the health of the cartilage and thereby play a role in managing osteoarthritis. Two substances that are frequently used are glucosamine and chondroitin.
What is Chondroitin?
Chondroitin is a naturally occurring substance in the connective tissue of animals and human beings. This substance maintains the spongy nature of the cartilage by drawing water and nutrients from the blood, as a result, it maintains the cushioning effect in the joints.
How does it help?
Chondroitin is found in the cartilage of cows and shark. It is also manufactured synthetically. A few studies have found that chondroitin supplements reduce pain and increase mobility. It is believed that this substance slows down the breakdown of cartilage. It is usually found as chondroitin sulfate, chonsurid and chondroitin sulfuric acid.
Research has shown that a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin have produced beneficial results in some cases and patients had experienced pain relief.
Is there any recommended dosage?
Several brands manufacture this substance in different weights and forms. But when you take it as a supplement you can take 1000-1200 mg a day. It is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before you take this supplement because it is not suitable for everyone.
Risks of chondroitin
Like many other supplements, chondroitin is perfectly safe for a majority of people though some people have reported diarrhea, rashes, hives, and headaches. It is always safe to take supplements on doctor’s advice. Since chondroitin is obtained from shark or cow cartilage the chances of contamination are high. It is recommended that you always take high-grade supplements from reputed manufacturers to reduce the risk of allergies.
People suffering from the following problems should not take this supplement:
Prostate cancer
Bleeding disorders as chondroitin works as blood thinner
These supplements are also not recommended for young children and pregnant women as there is no evidence on how safe they are for this group of people.
According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine the efficacy of chondroitin in the treatment of osteoarthritis depends on each individual; in the study, only a few people showed pain relief from a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin while the others had no benefits at all.
Hence, if your general physician recommends the use of the supplements do go ahead and use them, you may be the lucky few for whom the substance works.


You must think that cotton is the best fabric, as clothing that are ‘100% cotton’ always seem to be much sought after due to its apparent ‘purity’ of not having components of other materials. However, microfiber is becoming popular these days. It is a type of fabric made of polyester and nylon (polyamide) fibres woven very densely. The fibre strands are so fine, even finer than human hair, and hence its ‘microfibre’ name. However, some microfibre fabrics are constructed from other synthetic materials such as acrylic and rayon. A minimum of 1.0 denier (a unit of measurement to determine the fineness of silk, nylon or rayon) qualifies to be called a microfibre but better ones tend to have smaller deniers, with the 0.13 denier being the utmost superior quality.
You may have heard of microfibre towels and upholstery, but microfiber shirts? If you are sceptical to buy a microfibre top, here are the four benefits that might change your perception:
Do you know why microfibre is used in furniture covers and upholstery? The reason is simple: it can withstand daily wear-and-tear, as well as the rigours of children and domestic pets like cats and dogs. The same principle also applies to the usage of microfibre for the clothing material. Thanks to its durability, microfibre clothing has the ability to last longer if properly cared for.
Given our tropical climate in Malaysia, it is natural that we always look for comfort when purchasing a shirt. Thankfully, microfiber provides the comfort that we really need for. Many athletes love to wear microfibre tops during endurance workouts like jogging and cycling, thanks to its moisture-wicking properties. On the other hand, regular cotton shirts absorb your perspiration and can become heavy when wet.
Believe it or not, your microfiber shirt will always look as if it is just bought from a store no matter how many times you wash and wear it. Microfiber is popularly known for retaining its original shape, on top of staying crisp and fresh all day long.
A shirt made from microfiber has the benefit of being stain-resistant. If someone or yourself has spilt a drink onto your microfiber shirt, rest assured it is less likely to be permanently stained since the stain can be gently wiped away with minimum fuss. Simply do a search online to see how many have had red wine, most notorious for staining, spilt on their microfibre upholstery but have managed to remove the stains easily.


G-Shock Frogman has been a bestseller series of Casio for over two decades now. It has been constantly upgraded to remain relevant and the variants on sale right now are actually the fifth generation of G-Shock Frogman. The latest G-Shock Frogman watches are geared towards divers and military. They are of course targeted at adventurists and outdoor enthusiasts.
This watch is around 188mm high and 50mm wide. It weighs 115g. It has an asymmetric shape which makes the design rather unique among such watches, of Casio or of other brands. The stainless steel case, crown and bezel make it ideal for some heavy duty use. There is additional resistance against corrosion, courtesy the diamond like coating. It has a scratch resistant and non reflective sapphire crystal with a reinforced carbon fiber wristband. The watch has smartly placed buttons, a relatively glossy caseback with a logo of the robotic frog, a two layer carbon fiber and neoprene strap, well protected hardware, unidirectional bezel that rotates anticlockwise and the watch can resist salt water.
G Shock Frogman is ISO rated and can withstand water pressure up to depths of two hundred meters. The watch has a reliable rechargeable battery running on solar. The battery would easily last ten months after being completely charged even if it is never exposed to sunlight again. There is an auto backlight and it has an afterglow. There is tide and moon data to assist surfing, diving and fishing. The functions supporting dive measurements and recordings are useful. There is triple sensor technology and an auto calendar. There are some basic features that are incorporated in all G Shock Frogman watches, such as four alarms, one snooze alarm, world time, hourly time signal, stopwatch, battery power indicator, countdown timer, power saving mode and on/off switch. There are some functions specifically for scuba divers such as water temperature and depth gauge. You can visit G Shock Malaysia to buy this watch.
It also scores well with its large buttons and large case, both of which are useful underwater, tough solar power, triple sensor technology, sturdy construction and rust resistance, premium quality display, a user friendly software and six band radio control. G Shock Frogman is a bit pricey but it has always been a prized collectible so the resale value does make it worthwhile. It is an imperative piece for divers and hardcore adventurers. Anyone who likes a multifunctional watch that would stand the test of time will appreciate the latest G Shock Frogman.


In the service of the nation
The National Information Technology Council of Malaysia (NITC Malaysia) is the country’s premier organisation that strategically manages IT in the interest of the nation. The Council functions as the primary advisor and consultant to the Government on matters pertaining to IT in Malaysia’s national development.
The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia chairs the Council. The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is the Deputy Chairman and the CEO and President of MIMOS Berhad serves as the Secretary. The Council Secretariat resides in MIMOS Berhad.

MIMOS Building in Technology Park Malaysia

Mechanics and composition
The Council officially convenes twice a year. Council Membership lasts three years and is by appointment of the Honourable Prime Minister. Council Members represent three different sectors i.e public, private and community interest group. The Council forges smart partnerships or strategic alliances to carry out its mandate.
The vision of NITC MALAYSIA is one that is in line with the aspirations of Vision 2020: