Invisalign: A Revolutionary Innovation

Aligners are something that is very common in both the orthodontic world and the general world. It is used by many across the globe to align or adjust the mild deformities or defects of their teeth. Aligners are quite more popular than braces and other corrective tools, but clear aligners or invisible aligners or Invisalign (as they are popularly known) are the most celebrated ones among them. Invisalign, specifically, is a brand of clear aligners, that came up with their formula to create clear aligners with maximum efficiency. Their formula, which involves a unique blend of plastic and several other elements revolutionized the field of clear aligners by providing the opportunity to completely customize the aligners.

Thousands of dentists across the world like Beverly Wilshire Dental are trained in Invisalign technology, and each of the Invisalign used is made at their facility with supreme care. The Invisalign is designed in such a way that it holds pressure on the required parts of the defective teeth and promotes a natural corrective measure.

Origin of Invisalign

Invisalign, a brand name owned by an American company called Align Technology began its sales in 1999. It became so popular that soon the procedure of clear alignment became a synonym to Invisalign. They are particular in not using brackets or wires for their Invisalign procedure.

Features of Invisalign

Invisalign is one of the most chosen ones among the wide collection of clear aligners available in the market. There are several features to which Invisalign owes this popularity. The first one is the cosmetic reasons themselves. It is almost impossible to notice the aligners as they are clear and transparent. Although it gets noticeable over some time, with proper care and attention, invisibility can be retained.
These aligners can be removed easily, and it is another unique selling point of Invisalign. No medical supervision is required for you to remove or clean the Invisalign. It actually contributes to the easy cleaning of your teeth too. Normally, when you wear braces, it is quite difficult to clean your teeth. Invisalign solves that problem immediately.

The procedure to attach an Invisalign does not consume much time of the patient. It takes much less time than a braces procedure.
As the Invisalign procedure does not involve much application of force, the correction happens more naturally and gradually over some time. Many other corrective measures apply force on the teeth and cause unwanted pressure on them. Invisalign ensures a more natural correction, and though it may take a bit more time to get corrected, it will in no way harm your teeth.

As they are customized to the measurements of the patient, there is no possibility of them loosening up or falling off of the teeth or anything like that. They provide a great level of comfort to the patients. Also, as they do not have to be tightened occasionally like braces, the customer can save many visits to the dentist’s office, and this less complicated side of Invisalign is one of its major features.

It is the best option for you if you have mild dental problems like crowding, spacing issues, etc. It is reasonably priced and fits the budget of most of the patients.

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